Results from 2015 Care Day

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Results from 2015 Care Day

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Care Day 2015 was significantly bigger than 2014: 140 volunteers and 59 organizations served over 420 guests (representing 220 homes and 631 family members).  The 50% growth over 2014 is sobering, reflecting the growing number of homeless and low-income members of the Northshore community.

  • 420+ guests on-site, representing 631 people at home (50% increase from 2014).
  • 91% of guests were new to Care Day (only 9% returnees).
  • 35% of guests were disabled, 24% of guests were homeless, 21% were seeking work.
  • Guests found out about Care Day a myriad of ways, but especially through friends and a child’s school.
  • Dental care, by Smile Partners and Medical Teams Int’l:  30 children cleanings/sealants, 18 adults (113 procedures!), valued at $15,545 .
  • Medical car by Molina Health and Lions Club: 99 people had medical checks (blood, heart, vision, hearing, respiratory), including 3 new/first diagnoses of glaucoma .
  • Take home: groceries, bike helmets, haircuts (108), shoes, family portraits (55), and assistance with housing, job searches, and a wide range of family and youth services from 59 local service providers.
  • 59 local service organizations.


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  2. Kevin Reid says:

    Will there be eyeglasses? Also will be there dog food?

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